Thursday, May 19, 2005

If this is Thursday, we must be in...

Yesterday we did a field trip to Oviette - I think that is how is spelled - and it was wonderful. Last weekend we were in Rome and, except for pickpockets on the Metro, it was good too. But I am glad that this trip has been centered in Assisi.There is really a special spirit here, something that abides of the life of Francis. I think that this is one of those trips that will ripen inside, change me and the way I live in the world, over time. Good description of a pilgrimage, I guess.


Chick said...

That's a very good way to describe a pilgrimage.

You've just summed up (better than I could the way) why I love to travel.

Thank you.

Simon said...


So nice to see a post.. we are indeed missing you here.. I am very much looking forward to the slide night on your return.

Travel well and hugs to the both of you!