Monday, October 10, 2005

A Cat In Assisi

A Cat In Assisi
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A little late for St Francis' Day, but when I saw this I had to take the pic.

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Joe said...

When I received your recent email, I was touched that you thought of me. Then, I realized that you probably contacted some 20 others at the same instant, to alert each of us to your new blog. Well, OK. I've engaged in a bit of shameless, yet effective, self-promotion on occasion.

I'm reassured to see you in chaplaincy work, because you were good at it in the Bay Area. Chaplains in the education field sometimes live with an ambiguous status between "insider" and "outsider." Acknowledging that made you better at the job. You're right about the usefulness of a chaplain's appreciation of mystery. Also, the ability to be bemused is inviting to others, and you both had it and could articulate it.

Speaking of articulation, you once gave a memorable sermon in the Bay Area that I wish were posted among your others. There is only one place that I would've heard a homily from you. Do you recall it? I'm sure you mentioned Merton, and it's no mark against your comments that I'm having trouble recalling more--it's my memory that is increasingly less memorable.