Monday, September 25, 2006

A Week Away

It's been too long since I've written, and in a hour I leave for the airport for a week in Perth! This is for a chaplaincy conference, so it won't be a pure rest, although restorative. This is the third year I've gone to the TCMA gathering and I look forward to connecting with other chaplains from around Australia. It will be the first time in Western Australia and I want to swim - if I can - in the Indian Ocean, at least get my feet wet.

I've been working maybe too hard, but I'm changing rhythm since the Religious Affairs Committee meeting last month. Taking time for reading and prayer, getting files ordered, even back to sitting in the Cafe and connecting with whoever comes by. I've fallen out of the gym routine - again - but will try to get back on that wagon next week when I return.

A note: I want to write that I enjoy seeing where the people who visit this site come from, it really is world-wide and that amazes me. There are a few weblogs that I check on regularly and I feel like I know something about their lives, and appreciate the chance to look into someone else's daily - weekly - experience. So if you just stopped by, you're welcome.

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