Sunday, September 30, 2007

After long silence.... from a recent publicity sheet

As I grow older I wear more hats. I am both an American and an
Australian citizen. In addition to being a Community Organizer for the
Parliament of the World Religions, I'm the senior chaplain at RMIT where
I work to focus and coordinate a multi-faith chaplaincy on our several
campuses, and serve as well as one of the Anglican chaplains on site. In
that work I am sponsored by the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne and based
at St. Peter's Eastern Hill, where I am a licensed lay minister and part
of the parish ministry team. I occasionally teach courses online at the
Theological School at Trinity College, University of Melbourne and do
some preaching and teaching and spiritual direction.

For the last 40 years I have learned much and taught some on the life
and work of Thomas Merton, a Roman Catholic monk who explored the
contemplative experience shared by Christianity, Sufism and Zen
Buddhism. Thomas Merton serves as a good companion and model on that
pilgrim way. He made many mistakes, contradicts himself over several
continents and many years, was a noisy contemplative, an ascetic who
loved beer, the Marx brothers and jazz, was often demanding of himself
and sarcastic to others. Yet, many people would say that he deserves a
place in the list of Saints in the last century. It just may be because
of all the places where he doesn't fit together. And I find that very
good news.

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