Tuesday, June 24, 2008

to the Holy Spirit - James McAuley

Leaving your fragrant rest of the summit of morning calm,
Descend, Bird of paradise, from the high mountain:
And, plumed with glowing iris along each burning wire,
Visit in time our regions of eucalypt and palm.

Dance, prophetic bird, in rippling spectrums of fire,
Ray forth your incandescent ritual like a fountain;
Let your drab unearthly mate that watches in morning calm
Unseen, be filled with the nuptial splendours of your desire.

Engender upon our souls your sacred rhythm: inspire
The trembling breath of the flute, the exultant cosmic psalm,
The dance that breaks into flower beneath the storm-voiced mountain;
Array in your dazzling intricate plumage the swaying choir.

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