Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday morning

And it has been an odd week. I have done what I needed to do, maybe a bit more, but it's felt uphill the whole time. And every night when I take off my clothes and get into bed I feel like I want to stay there a long time. Tomorrow I am going to sleep in!

But I might take the day and do a mini-retreat instead. Go to a local museum or gallery, walk through a park (though it is cold in Melbourne right now!) or find a very quiet space and just sit there. At least I might take some time at the gym and do some serious and gentle stretching. Does all this sound like California ego-cruising? Sorry, but those tendencies are in my genes. We're talking 4th generation San Francisco here!

It also relates to my Rule of Life. I need to take some time and remember what I am about, as well as about my meaning and ministry; who I am and how I live that out. I see my spritual director next week, and maybe what I am thrashing about here is a template for when I get together to talk with her. In the end, it all has to do with attempting to stay balanced in an un-balanced world.

And that's why I need to keep quiet time and quality time on my schedule, not just sleeping in but keeping in touch with deeper rhythms that refresh me and help me remember what I am about. Yeah, that's the thing.

Gee, I feel better already, it is sure good to share! Have a good weekend!

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