Wednesday, June 22, 2005

It's been awhile...

And I might be in a bit of a mood. Not moody, in the sense of anger or depression, but a kind of listening - like a low level of prayer - for something to be revealed. I am at RMIT today, after two days at La Trobe, and I think I should do busy things, see people, make plans, accomplish actions: but I hope I have the grace, sense, ability to just sit somewhere, look 'round, do some journal work, let things come clear.

But just to show that I am actually quite active, here's a program that is coming soon at both campuses. Let me know if you are interested, the date is tba...

Thomas Merton
Contemplative Actions

Does Mysticism End In Politics?

The life and work of Thomas Merton is a deep and wild journey, born in France, raised in France, England and the US, he ended up as a Catholic monk, Zen master, poet, artist, mystic, spiritual writer, cultural critic, political animal and hermit. His life and writings are a kind of koan concerning the connection between individual enlightenment and social connections, the nature of the “true self” and the place of the neighbor in the configuration of that self. Come to an overview and discussion on Merton’s theories of how an “inner” mystical consciousness can lead to a deeper participation in the “outside” world.

Robert Whalley has taught classes, led seminars and conducted retreats in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years while he has worked as a teacher and chaplain in higher education. He moved to Melbourne in 2001 to be the first director of The Merton Centre and is Anglican Chaplain at La Trobe University, Bundoora, and RMIT University, Melbourne .

For further information call: Rob Whalley at 0438-069-258

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